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  • 18 January 2022

Rental claims-procedures and statements

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Rental claims-procedures and statements

Over the past 90 days, more than 9414 cases have been registered in Saudi courts against those who lag behind the payment of rented residential and commercial property at a daily rate of 1005 human rights cases.

The courts of the Riyadh region recorded the highest number of disputes, which arose between lessors and tenants of these properties, estimated at 27.4 per cent, by receiving 2581 cases, followed by the eastern region with 1033 cases.

According to the statistics “economic ” The Saudi cities in the rent cases are as follows:

Asir Province 840 Cases
Medina Area 781 Suit
Jazan Region 590 Suit
Qassim Region 414 Cases
Patio 239 Suit
One of the most important items of the Ijara contract is to enable the benefit for a known price and therefore the most important obligation of the tenant is to pay the agreed wage in the contract and in case of breach of contract makes the owner’s right to evacuate the eye or restore the leased thing or allow the tenant to complete the contract.

The General Court shall have jurisdiction over such disputes, since it is the competent court in accordance with article XXXI of the pleadings procedure.

The following are the procedures for filing a case in court to claim the property fare:


Properly edit the claim in terms of identifying the property of the dispute and specifying its owner by means of the title deed or lease agreement, if the remuneration is based on it
The nature of the contract in terms of duration, amount of fare and the nature of the exploitation of the property (e.g. private residence-shop-store…. etc).
Statement of breach in terms of the determination of the fare paid and the fare due and breached by the lessee that the fare is payable to the date of evacuation
Provide a request for payment of the fare and this condition is linked to the provisions of the lease agreement
Electronic proceedings and progress to the general Court to determine the judicial office competent to hear the case
Attach necessary documents such as title deed-tenancy contract-the identity of the crumbling-the national address of the plaintiff